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The Dandelion as a metaphor for evolution
Through the icons of science, the microscope and the Petri dish, we are given a window to investigate life and death, explored on the physical biological level, to a cellular one. Cells, DNA the Genome are becoming commodities; a ‘bio-archive’ that is extracted, garnered, patented and registered.  At the core of the unseen is a Labyrinth of evolution.  What you see is not always what is happening; in this work I use the microscope to explore the Tree Dandelion on a microscopic level.  Its transference onto an aluminium substrate gives the work luminosity yet also speaks of the industrialisation of how contemporary society sees the world, a commodification of all living things

Confrontations II, 2021 Lea Kannar-Licht
Conversations I, 2021 Lea Kannar-Lichten
Towards Darwin I, 2021 Lea Kannar-Lichte
Towards Darwin II, 2021 Lea Kannar-Licht
A water droplet sits on top of a dandelion seed, seen through a microscope
blue and turquoise circles of a plant that is viewed through a microscope showing all its sections has 2 water droplets one in its center and one that the shape appears to be holding
the fluffy top of a dandelion
Blue and turquoise image showing the microscopic sections of the dandelion plant
Black and White microscopic image showing the growing buds on the plant side. They look like people standing on a path
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