Distorted Truths 2018 Ephemeral installation
Ice, Petri dish, ocean debris from Deception Island water and video. 
size 100 x 120 x 120 cm
Distorted Truths 2018
Runtime Video 01:00 sec looped
Melting Glacier Deception Island, filmed on Canon G5

This video (filmed in 2017) is part of a series of video works that takes what we know and understand of the world and distorts it.

Projected over a melting ice block that has been embedded with the debris collected from Telefon Bay Deception Island this work is distorted by 'New Truths' of the planets condition.  As the ice melts it reflects on the unseen glacial melt that is occurring at our poles. The debris is just a small part of what will eventually wash up on the shores of our most remote worlds, in this case Antarctica. By creating works that speak to the impact of contemporary society on remote places I created Distorted Truths to reflect the distorted vision of our modern civilization.  This view of the natural flow of the water melting from the glacier works to unsettle the viewer by its defiance of gravity.  This is an examination of Climate Change and the way society uses deception to ‘not see’ what we know to be true

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