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Charcoal, conte, ink, pages from Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' & pastel on hand made paper

115 x 132 cm

Coding the Future, series 2013

Chine collé, Etching, aquatint, silkscreen, a la poupée and collagraph

These series of unique state prints, work to draw upon the relationship to Darwin’s discoveries of that ultimately led to his ‘Theory of Evolution’ took dramatically influenced an increase of & understanding of science in everyone’s lives. 

The mystery of nature and how things worked were being released from the religious grip.  In modern society we seem to be on an increasing journey to catalogue all of nature.  Now all things are coded.  We seem to be obsessed with giving the planet its own numerical value.  In this body of work you will see my exploration of the layers of our existence. 

Codes have been used in this work.  By investigating DNA and including this coding in the work I want the viewer to understand the layers (unseen) which are included in everyday life.

Overlaid with these codes are other codes that relate not just to our position on the planet; but here I have included the coded data of the Galapagos Islands, its size and position on a map but all the data related to the human impact has had on this fragile ecosystem.

These two extremes (past & present) are my starting point in my artistic investigation of the journey that science has and is taking.

Coding the Future - Origin Galapagos Tortoise, 2013

Chine collé, Etching, aquatint and silkscreen

Coding the Future: Beyond Memory II, 2013

Etching Aquatint, Silkscreen & Chin colle on black BFK

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