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Installation, V1, 2017

Harbour Sculpture Sydney Australia

Towards Dystopia -
Beyond the Expansive View V1&2

Ceramics - high fired with decals, Perspex Petri dish 1200x300mm, transparent piping, fountain pump, water from local source. Size varies, 2017



This work explores the questions surrounding microplastics in the environment.  Ceramics (based on a coral unique to Lord Howe Island Favia speciosa), here it is seen to scale in the Petri dish, have been glazed the colours of the deep ocean have been covered with text from Corpses of the Everyday.  This litany of plastics collected from Lord Howe Island creates a hidden comment on plastic.  In this work water being pumped from Sydney Harbour crosses these ceramics flowing, the plastic in text from, not at first noticed by the viewer but on close inspection visible amongst the coral.  Our vision of the world we inhabit is distorted by our own vision, we see the vista and by its size we do not see our greatest threat.

This is one of contemporary society’s most pressing problems, microplastics, consumerism impacting on our biosphere and therefore impacting on the via the food chain on all populations of our world.

25 sec Installation view

Towards Dystopia V2.JPG

Installation, V2, 2019 Sculpture in the Garden Mudgee Australia

Background image: Towards Dystopia -Beyond the Expansive View, 2017 (installation detail) by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger

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