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BigCi Residency (Feb 2024) Bilpin NSW.

This series explores my 2 research trips to Antarctica, firstly in 2017 (with The Nineth Wave) and then in 2023 (with Aurora Expeditions)

Schmidt Ocean Institute Artist at Sea 2021

Travelling into the Coral Sea Marine Park,

 using multibeam sonar & bathymetry technology 

to explore this as yet unseen environment


 Antarctica Ongoing since 2017

Mangrove Series continuing

since 2009



Footprint Project - since 2008

From the Bow - continuing drawing series produced

at the front of the ships bow 7 am each journey day


The Dandelion as a metaphor for evolution
Through the icons of science, the microscope and the Petri dish, we are given a window to investigate life and death, explored on the physical biological level, to a cellular one. In these artworks I explore the Dandelion and Tree Dandelion on a microscopic level through photography and printmedia.

Coding the Future, 2013

These series of unique state prints, work to draw upon the relationship to Darwin’s discoveries 

Microscopic Investigations

Shifting Perspectives - Microscopic Crystals stained with natural dyes 2014

Yellow microscopic crystals form a flower

Shifting Perspectives - Link to video artwork 2014

Of Death and Sand, 2015

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