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Installations with Ice

Weeping Antarctica (series), 2024

Fabric and Ice installations

BigCi Residency Bilpin NSW 

Cumulative Distress/Effect 2020 V1

Ocean debris from Lord Howe Is.

image taken Cottesloe Beach WA

Distorted Truths, V1 & VII

Ocean debris found on Deception Island Antarctica in 2017

Videos of Installations with Ice and water

Weeping Antarctica

- a tear, 2024

Weeping Antarctica

- Hitting the Wall, 2024

Distorted Truths, 2018

Gallery installation timelapse

Plague Proportions, 2017


A Storm to End - Mapping the Journey, 2021

Suffocation of Avarice, 2022

Towards Dystopia, 2015

Dissipation, vI & vII 
Corpses from the Everyday, 2015


Into the Reefs flows the World, 2022
Isolation it’s a Mirage, 2019
Septum Oceanus Despoiled, 2019
Fragmented, 2013
Coding the Future - Looking within I & II, 2012
Coding the Future - DNA helix, 2012
CHELONIAN Darwins Tortoise, 2013


Colliding Worlds, 2014
Glimpse Beyond, 2014
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