Image: Transpiring, 2015  Photograph Tree Dandelion Sectioned and Stained 90 x 60 cm

I am an artist exploring the connections between science and art. My work on the macro and microscopic worlds is influenced by the human connection and with installation works that look to convey the juxtaposition of size and beauty, text, sound and film, exploring the dynamics of evolution and the Anthropocene. 


Using cellular visuals as a center point to my analysis, I explore the connections between art and science creating awareness surrounding the alterations humanity makes in nature to transform not only the flora but also social, ethical and cultural values in society.  


In my work I continue to look at the impact our contemporary civilization has by way of tourism and ocean debris on islands and isolated communities.  This has seen me travel to places such as the Galapagos Islands, Lord Howe Island, the Faroe Islands and the Antarctic waters. I feel that the work I create from these onsite investigations has a significant discourse surrounding the Anthropocene, Climate Change and the evolutionary impact this time will have on life on this planet. 


My skills in various mediums allows me to be flexible in the creation of my artistic voice by using materials as varied as glass, ceramics, drawing, printmedia, painting, installations which include sound and film. I create a voice for that which by its isolation has no voice, therefore extends to a social comment on our changing times.  

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