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Artist Statement

Through the colliding worlds of science and art, my research and resulting artworks examine a window into the impact of the Anthropocene and contemporary consumerism through tourism on the viewed utopian destination. 

As an artist/traveller/observer, I aim to look beyond the travel guide rhetoric to develop artworks and installations that propose a new dialogue in how we connect to our world. I speak to academic and community groups about my research and creative works, which have significant discourse surrounding Climate Change and the evolutionary impact this time will have on life on this planet. I create singular artworks, sculptures and installations to communicate my interdisciplinary eco-critical vision. I embrace various media from the traditional such as printmedia, photography and drawing, to the new media of video, sound and installations. 

My fundamental belief is that by 'changing just one person's mind' through my art and research, greater change can happen in how we, as consumers of travel participate.

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