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Image: Transpiring, 2015  Photograph Tree Dandelion Sectioned and Stained 90 x 60 cm

I am an artist exploring the connections between science and art, my art practice explores two areas of environmental significance;

Firstly my work on the macro and microscopic worlds is influenced by the human connection and with installation works that explore the dynamics of evolution and the Anthropocene through the juxtaposition of size and beauty, text, sound and film. By using cellular visuals as a center point to my analysis, I explore the connections between art and science creating awareness surrounding the alterations humanity makes in nature to transform not only the flora but also social, ethical and cultural values in society.  

Secondly my postgraduate study’s in fine arts were pivotal to expanding my art practice and research into that of small islands & isolated environments. ​Exploring the connections that surround human impact I continue to look at how contemporary civilization has by way of tourism and ocean debris affected these remote spaces. With onsite investigations and examinations through immersive residencies as the artist/tourist, traveller, observer, allows me to look beyond the academic and travel guide rhetoric of place to create artworks and installations that examine the impact of the Anthropocene and consumerism on the Utopian destination. 

My interdisciplinary vision embraces various media, including, drawing, paint, print-media and photography as well as new media, video, sound & installations. I am committed to expand on my research and disseminate my findings, since 2014 I have delivered public lectures and conference papers relating to my research and resulting artworks, at various venues, whilst also exhibiting these artworks both in Australia and Internationally. 


I feel that the work I create from my onsite investigations has a significant discourse surrounding the Anthropocene, Climate Change and the evolutionary impact this time will have on life on this planet. 

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