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Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger has two master degrees in fine arts an MSA (Master of Studio Art) and MFA (Master of Fine Art) from the University of Sydney SCA (Sydney College of the Arts). Her MFA research paper was titled ‘Anthropocene: Human Influence on Evolution and the Biosphere.’ This paper focused on the Galapagos and Lord Howe Islands, however since its completion Lea has continued to research through onsite examinations, in the Faroe Islands, Venice and Deception Island Antarctica, creating artworks that examine the impact of the Anthropocene and consumerism on these travel destinations.

Since 2014, Lea has delivered 17 papers relating to her research and resulting artworks, at various conferences, in Australia; Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia, Brisbane and Wollongong, and Internationally; at UCSD (University of California, San Diego) & UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), Paris, Hong Kong, Germany & Berlin. 

Lea’s art practice has given her a window to engage the public by exhibiting her work internationally & locally in group & solo shows the most recent being ‘This Ain’t No Mirage’ at QCA (Queensland College of the Arts) Griffith University Brisbane.

In June 2019, Lea attended the ‘Climate Reality Leadership’ training over three days in Brisbane with Al Gore. This training with Al Gore has expanded her knowledge and given her the capacity to help facilitate a greater climate discussion and engage with local communities to increase the awareness surrounding the Climate Crisis and global extinction of species.

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