I am an environmental artist exploring the connections surrounding human impact on islands and isolated environments. Examining through immersive residencies as artist/tourist, traveller, observer, her aim is to look beyond the travel guide rhetoric to create artworks and installations examining the impact of the Anthropocene and consumerism on the Utopian destination.


I work tirelessly to disseminate the research and resulting artworks in exhibitions and at conferences internationally and in Australia. I was recently invited to speak at the Royal Society of NSW in a talk titled: ‘Antarctica: This Ain’t No Mirage - the value of art in disseminating scientific information’

This year I will exhibit as an ‘artist at large’ in a solo exhibition at the NRCG (Northern Rivers Community Gallery), other recent solo exhibitions include Spectrum Project space, ECU WA, and in the QCA Project Gallery at Griffith University Queensland.

Internationally my work was exhibited at the SVA Ancestral Echoes: A Decade of Bio Art New York Explorers Club as part of the Nautilus Oceans Exhibition and previously the Venice Summer Academy, Stunning Edge Exhibition Taiwan, the New York Hall of Science.

In Australia I have been selected group exhibitions including, Wyndham Prize, The Alice Prize, North Sydney Art Prize, The Ravenswood Prize for Women, Sculpture by the Sea (Sydney and Cottesloe), Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing and the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize.


My research has been published in peer reviewed journals and a book, I have been invited to deliver formal lectures and over 23 papers at conferences around the globe.