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Beyond the Cato Trough DETAIL 2.jpg

Unviewable Lands, 2023

Video fly through the sonar mapping area of the journey RV Falkor took in 2021.

With thanks to:

The Schmidt Ocean Institute 'artist at sea' program, Alysha Johnson videographer, and Thomas Speyer composer soundscape.

Runtime: 19 mins

Deception II Edinburgh screen shot edited.jpg

Deception II Edinburgh, 2023

Video installation; Projection of an Edinburgh street scene onto melting glacier Deception Island, South Shetlands Islands, Antarctica,
Images by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger, Soundscape by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger and Thomas Speyer.
Video Runtime 00:44 sec looped  Runtime Sound 03:00 sec. size varies

Moments with Magi II_Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger_STILL SHOT.JPG

Moments with Magi II, 2021

This pinhole video is one of a series of artworks that explore the human in movement

Pinhole timelapse video of magnetometer deployment

Soundscape by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger

Runtime: 00:01:29

kannar-lichtenberger_deception I berlin_v2 still shot.jpg

Deception I - Berlin2017

Projection of Berlin street scene onto melting glacier Deception Island, South Shetlands Islands, Antarctica

Runtime Video 01:00 sec looped

Runtime Sound 03:00 sec Sounds by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger soundscape by Maria Alfonsine

The Footprint – Its Academic I, 2017

This series of images taken in the tradition of pinhole photography creates a discourse surrounding the numbers of tourists that visit Venice each year. Their ghostly apparitions crossing the Accademia Bridge create echoes of the thousands that have walked its boards.

Time-lapse pinhole photography - runtime; 01:52sec, still image size varies

Drifting in Space.jpg

Drifting in Space, 2017

Drifting in Space shows a new hard hat, floating amongst the reef, it sways and moves gently with the water currents but over, what appears to be a short time, it is forging a trench. 

Run time: 00:00:11

Gagged, 2015

Gagged (3 video works looped) performed by Molly Morphew, choreography and directing by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger with written text by writer Carl Safina 2015.
Running Time: 15:00 min

Metaphor, 2014

This video is a metaphor for human connection to the environment or biosphere, our presence is explored by the formation of Cyrstals that destroy, including rupturing a GFP Tree Dandelion cell
Running Time: 0:54

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