Towards Dystopia (video of installation)


Year of production:2015

Video Running Time: 01:00 min looped

Size varies


Towards Dystopia - Water Installation, film and sound; 1min looping video projection, ceramics - high fired with decals, Perspex Petri dish 1200x200mm, Perspex fish tank 1500x200x150mm, transparent piping, fountain pump, beach debris collected from Lord Howe Island, highly salted water and a tea urn. Size varies 2015

Towards Dystopia (panning view of installation)

with sounds from water flow

Year of production:2015


Towards Dystopia explores two islands (both of which I have visited) namely the Galapagos Islands and Lord Howe Island. Both groups of Islands are World Heritage listed with tourism restrictions and so should have in place mechanisms to maintain the best possible environmental future. This work explores how these two islands are impacted on by the Anthropocene and generally how humans are impacting on the biosphere.

Towards Dystopia
(panning view of installation)

with video sounds

Year of production:2015


Towards Dystopia - DETAIL looking at the projection panning from the Perspex fish tank to its shadows on the wall 

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