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Glimpse Beyond 2015
Lifes Moments - 3 laser engraved Petri dishes series of 5 
Colliding Worlds

Colliding Worlds 2014

41 laser engraved petri dishes and perspex plinth 120 x 120 x 45cm


Colliding Worlds is a comment on how society is obsessed by science yet is also shedding its obligations to protect our biosphere, the rise ‘Apathy’ by our political leaders who seem (to the layman) to be influenced by the ‘corporations’.  In this work the Petri dish gives the viewer a window into the world of science whilst raising questions about our interference on a cellular level.  This series of engraved petri dishes represents a bridge between science and the spirit, embracing life and death; science and the history of discovery. Contrary to early reactions, evolution does not discount God or the spirit, revealing the complexity and layers of meaning within all living things. Now the Anthropocene is a stage of evolution in motion, our present, in which we witness rapid environmental change that is that bridge.


Through this analysis I create metaphors for our connection to these changes and the Anthropocene through images that use cellular, geographical and habitational images.

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